So What is it Like to visit Albania on a mission trip with Hope for the World?

Well, it’s more like a lovely vacation with orphan kids thrown in to make you laugh and cry.  You can feel free to hug them and they will want  to entertain you.   They will definitely grab your heart.
We are always accompanied by our Albanian Christian Staff…we have our own drivers who are employed by HFTW.  They are good capable drivers and will take great care of us wherever we go in Albania. In fact we will travel in a brand new VW Van that we have just purchased.  In fact, we will be among the very first groups to have such a nice “ride”.
We stay in good hotels, with private bathrooms in each room.  Rooms are very, very clean.  They are also air-conditioned.  The food is excellent from the restaurants.    We always feel like family as we travel  together for these ten days in Albania.
The  spirit of the trip is awesome….the beauty of the country is breathtaking.   You are much safer in Albania than you are on any City Street in America.  We are always in a group.  Our day is full of things to do from morning until night.   There is very little “free time” but we do try to arrange some time for shopping at some point in the trip.  There will be a few touristic things we will do while in the country as there are some very  beautiful sites and ancient ruins, castles, etc. to visit.
Our foundation is highly respected and one that is well known in Albania as we have been helping these orphans since 1992 – right after  the Communist Wall finally fell in that country.
Everyone who goes with us always tells us they feel like it is more of a vacation than a “mission trip”.
We have SUCH A GREAT TIME!!! Dress is casual.  Weather will be wonderful in September.   Bermuda length shorts are fine to wear. A light jacket may be needed in the evening some places. We will go to church on Sunday, so a skirt is advisable for the ladies.
All expenses are paid up front to our organization and our staff takes care of handling expenses and tipping at all of the restaurants and hotels.  We will be staying in 4 different cities in Albania and one on the island of Corfu, Greece before coming home.
If you would like to know more about Albania and their customs and culture, I have also prepared an Orientation Manual and a language guide to assist each member of our group.
Albania  has its  own language called Shqip (pronounced ‘Ship’).  We will have interpreters with us at all times, and many Albanians  know ‘some’  English.   Most all of our staff members speak English fluently.

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