We hope that you are touched by the tremendous need in these orphanages and at our Threshold of Hope facility. Please consider your sponsorship of a child or elderly person. Contact us anytime to receive information. Our ministry depends on the support of those that support these children.

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  1. Monthly sponsorship fee: $30.00
  2. All checks payable to Hope for the World are tax deductible. Tax statements are mailed in January.
  3. A newsletter will come to you each month and will include an envelope for your use in mailing your sponsorship check.
  4. Birthdays: We suggest you try to send us an extra $20 for your child.
  5. Christmas: For your gift of $50, we can provide a nice gift from you to your child plus Christmas and New Years feasts.
  6. Send your cards and letters through us.


Hope For The Wold - Albania
PO BOX 629
Stockbridge, GA 30281


FAQ - I am a new sponsor and I would like to know if it is OK for me to send gifts through the mail to my child?

Yes, you may do this, but you need to be careful and not send gifts too often because it can make the other children feel like maybe they are not loved quite as much as your child...

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Hope For The World Albania | PO Box 629 | Stockbridge, GA 30281| 888-212-HOPE | rogmullins@charter.net

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