Saranda, Albania

Fatos Demiri

Fatos Demiri

Fatos is a wonderful Christian young man in the city of Saranda, Albania. Saranda is located at the most southern point of Albania on the Ionian Sea. It is the warmest point - even has tropical trees (palms, etc..). Fatos became a part of our ministry in 2003. He owns a guest house where we would stay when visiting our orphan home in Saranda. We came to know Fatos and learned that he was one of the first fruits of a Baptist Church in Saranda that was organized back in the early 90's. He has been a part of that church for all these years, and we feel blessed and fortunate to now have him as a part of the Hope for the World Family. He is a very knowledgeable young businessman and has proven very efficient in our work with the orphans as well as with our elderly ministry in the Threshold of Hope (the hospital project). He oversees the spending at both of these locations. He also coordinates between the orphanage and our working mission teams who come to Saranda to assist with building repairs, renovations, etc. Fatos married in 2005 to a beautiful young lady named Mirela. They will hav4e their first addition to their family in the summer of 2005. We are truly happy that Fatos has become a part of our Hope for the World Family.

Mirela Demiri

Mirela Demiri

Mirela has joined our staff recently to work alongside her husband, Fatos.  Mirela is a very sweet mother and works wonderfully well with our orphan children.  She works as sponsorship coordinator to see that mail from our sponsors is translated for the children. She also sees that the children write letters to their sponsors.  She assists in all of the buying of clothing and gifts and giving of birthday parties for the children.  Mirela is a very loving and caring mother herself so she has a real heart for the children.  We thank God that we have them working together as a couple for Hope for the World in Saranda.


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1. Our leadership has over 50 years of experience.

2. We are not a welfare program to give people a living, but rather, we are teaching them how to live.

3. Being a part of Hope For The World fulfills our moral Christian responsibility to help the poor and orphans.

4. Our financial management and open accountability means you can give with confidence.

5. Your child is waiting for you.

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