Perparim Demcellari
In-country President, Albania

Perparim Demcellari

Perparim has worked with HFTW since 1999, in the beginning as a coordinator, than as a vice president and since 2002 as the in-country president of HFTW – Albania. both he and his family have been saved since 1993. Since 1994 Perparim hasserved as assistant pastor for about 5 year at New Hope Baptist Church in Tirana. He has been involved in missionary work in the villages nearby the capital during this time.

Perparim is married and has two kids. His daughter Viola and son Andi.Perparim and his wife, Aferdita are also happy to have two grandchildren. Perparim has a bachelors in Economics and finished the Military Academy specialized in logistics.He served in the Albanian Army for 27 years.



Ledina Rabdishta

Anila Bushaj

I am Ledina Rabdishta and God has blessed me by being a part of the Foundation, Hope for the World”, Tirana, Albania.  I am 28 years old.

My parents took my siser and I to the New Hope Baptist church in Tirana when we were in the first grade of school.  After being in many Services and hearing God’s Word, I opened my heart and invited Christ as my Savior when I was 10 years old.  Three years later I was baptized.  I am still a member of New Hope Baptist Church where I try to be faithful with my attendance and my service for God.

In my professional life I have a BA degree in Social Science and a Masters Degree in Communication.  Before coming to work with Hope for the World, worked for a film company in Tirana.  I thank God for the opportunity to now work for a Christian organization as the secretary to HFTW Albanian President Perparim Demcellari.  As such I also have the privilege of being a sponsorship coordinator and Bible Teacher for the children both in the orphanage of Tirana, and at the Hope Center in Marikaj, Albania.


Sokrat Taihira

Sokrat - HFTW Driver

It takes a good driver in the country of Albania to transport us safely from place to place, and Sokrat is the best! We are fortunate to have him on our staff. He is also in charge of maintenance on the two vehicles in Tirana, making sure everything is in "good shape"... especially the brakes! He has a beautiful wife, Diana and two pretty daughters. Sokrat has been with us as a driver since 2002. We are very fortunate to have him on our staff in Tirana. We are glad to welcome Sokrat to our Hope for the World Family.


Margarita Gjoni - Educator

Margarita has worked for Hope for the World since 1998. She has been an educator during this time as well as a general representer of the Tag Center for teens ages 14 - 18. Prior to accepting Christ as her Savior and coming to work for Hope for the World in 1998, she was a high school teacher for 17 years.


Albana Lika  - Hope for the World Center

Albana Lika

Albana Lika graduated from a professional school for teaching in 1990.She has been both a supervisor and a teacher in elementary schools. From 1990 - 1997 she has worked as an educator at the school-age Orphanage "Zyber Hallulli" in Tirana, Albania. She loved her job as a teacher of the children and because of this reason, we are so happy to have her on our staff at the Hope for the World Center.

She is a part of our staff at the new Hope for the World Center lending her gifts in helping our teens prepare for their future and also assists as a general assistant in the kitchen when needed.

Since coming to Hope for the World she has become a Christian and believes in God with her whole heart and knows that through Him her life has been changed. We are blessed to have Albana as a part of our hope for the World family.

Ervehe Murataj  - Cook & Nurse

Ervehe Murataj

Ervehe has worked with Hope for the World since 2002. She began working as an assistant cook in the Tag Center. She is now the head cook in the Tag Center. She sees her ministry as being responsible for keeping the children healthy by preparing good meals.


Teuta Korra

Ervehe Murataj

Teuta came up through the orphanages and we are blessed to have her as a part of our staff. She accepted Christ as her Savior back in 1994 when Hope for the World first began working with the teenagers in the orphanages She loves the Lord and has been faithful to Christ and to her church. It is just a joy to have her working with us. She helps in many different areas at our teen center, but she is especially responsible for staying In the center and watching over them at night.

Her life verse is: "Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light Unto my path."

United States


1. Our leadership has over 50 years of experience.

2. We are not a welfare program to give people a living, but rather, we are teaching them how to live.

3. Being a part of Hope For The World fulfills our moral Christian responsibility to help the poor and orphans.

4. Our financial management and open accountability means you can give with confidence.

5. Your child is waiting for you.

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