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Jimmy Franks - President of Hope for the World

The Home office of Hope for the World is in Orange Park, FL. The President is Jimmy Franks. Brother Franks pastors Southland Baptist Temple in Paducah, KY. At the time of the fall of the Communist Dictatorship in Albania, Brother Franks was a missionary in Germany. He visited Albania by automobile, met with the then-appointed leaders of the country. They told him that if we could come into Albania and help care for their orphan children, we could have an open door to bring the Gospel to Albania. He then returned to America and formed Hope for the World Foundation, which is not only a Christian Mission, but is also registered in our government and in Albania, as a Humanitarian Organization. Hope for the World was founded in 1992 and began the work in Albania the same year. The Franks have been in full-time ministry since 1969.

Roger and Cherie Mullins - American Directors

Roger and Cherie been in full-ministry comprised of evangelism, gospel music and missions since 1969. They are members of Glen Haven Baptist Church in McDonough, GA. As a family, the Mullins' traveled extensively in evangelism from 1978 through 1990. Roger then traveled full-time in gospel music with his son, Buddy Mullins. In 1994 Roger and Cherie surrendered as missionaries for Hope for the World to direct the work in Albania. Roger is the Vice President of Hope for the World Foundation, and the Director for Albania. Cherie is the office manager for their stateside office.

Cindy Howard

Howard Family

Cindy is the daughter of Roger and Cherie Mullins. She works as an office assistant in the Albanian Office in Georgia. She is a tremendous help in keeping records up to date on the children, sending out the monthly newsletter, posting checks and many other general office duties. She works part time for Hope for the World and the rest of the time for her husband, Andy Howard. They have their own business. Cindy also continues to sing at her church, Glen Haven Baptist in McDonough, GA., as well as travel from time to time on Mullins Family Reunion Concerts. She and Andy have two boys, Brady and Austin who are very much into all of the sports. They attend Eagles Landing Christian Academy in McDonough, GA. The boys have also recorded with the family on a recent gospel music project. It was a real blessing and a GREAT HELP the day Cindy joined our staff and the Hope for the World Family.

Buddy and Kerri Mullins:

Buddy is the son of Roger and Cherie Mullins. He and his wife, Kerri and their two girls, Victoria and Olivia, live in Spring Hill, TN. Buddy travels on the road full time in Christian music. He has traveled and sung since he was nine years old (then traveling with our family). He has had the own band for a number of years, first known as Mullins & Co., and then later, "Sunday Drive". Buddy is a song writer as well as a soloist. Since 1999 he has been soloing in churches and on concert tours. Buddy has been to Albania and his heart for missions has driven him to become a representative for Hope for the World Missions while he is in concert from place to place. He and Kerri are a great help in raising sponsors for the children in Albania. We praise the Lord that he has allowed them to come and be a part of the Hope for the World Family.

United States


1. Our leadership has over 50 years of experience.

2. We are not a welfare program to give people a living, but rather, we are teaching them how to live.

3. Being a part of Hope For The World fulfills our moral Christian responsibility to help the poor and orphans.

4. Our financial management and open accountability means you can give with confidence.

5. Your child is waiting for you.

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